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Is This The Right Time To Buy  a Property in Malta???

It always seems to be! Says Stefan Consiglio, Manager at Pierre Faure Real Estate.


For all those first time buyers, foreigners seeking Permanent Residency in Malta, investors looking to take advantage of the rapid increase in rental prices or homeowners that are just seeking to upgrade their home. YES, this is the time to buy!!

We all know that over time property will always appreciate. Ever since I started my career in the Real Estate field 13 years ago, I always recall hearing the negative people talking about a bubble about to burst. So far, this hasn’t happened here in Malta. Yes there might have been a year or two where the increase wasn’t as large as other years, but Malta has yet to see a property bubble burst, and to be honest, I still don’t see it happening any time soon.  Bank interest rates have remained relatively low for a few years now  and the rental market is still extremely healthy, with prices still on the rise and demand still higher than supply.

Malta is a tiny island with land a true scarcity, but moreover it is one of the most populated countries in the world per capita and thousands of foreigners are still moving here annually. Some move here because of the weather, others because of the culture or friendliness of the Maltese people, others cause of the language or schooling, tax reasons or of late, simply because Malta is the iGaming and finance hub of the world. The place to be if that is your line of work. Whatever the reason, an increase in people moving to Malta will always result in an increase in demand for homes in Malta. There is an extremely good choice of property out there and this is definitely helping to keep the value of homes more competitive.


Rental returns a decade ago were a mere 3 to 4 % and you always had some vacant time in between finding “the right tenants.” Today properties in prime areas are never left vacant for very long and the normal yield is 5% with opportunities to invest with better returns also possible. So what more can one ask for?

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Pierre Faure Real Estate has a number of Good Value homes to offer in Malta which can get much better returns than any other types of investment, and that is not even considering the capital appreciated on the property’s value over even a small number of years. So what are you waiting for?  Send us an email or give us a call and we will assist you throughout the whole transaction, from finding the right property to leasing it out to qualifies tenants at a good return.

What makes Malta special?

Malta is just a drop in an ocean. Yet what is any ocean but a multitude of drops? Lying at the very heart of the Mediterranean Sea, a few hours away from Europe and North Africa, Malta is signatory for economic, financial, maritime, transport and cultural matters.

The superb climate in Malta makes it ideal to have fun in the sun. Weather allows for outdoor sport and leisure activities, from swimming, yachting, sailing and diving in the blue waters to horse riding, or cycling and trekking in the countryside all year round. Alternatively, one can opt for total relaxation on one of the many sandy beaches found around the coast. Malta is in many ways vibrant and modern. Romance, nightlife, good food….you find it all here. Numerous events and festivals that tickle every taste bud and appeal to all ages are organized throughout the year.

In addition to this, Malta enjoys a healthy and safe environment with excellent educational facilities. The World Risk Report has named Malta, once again, as the world’s second safest country, the first on the list being Qatar, in terms of its exposure to and ability to cope with natural disasters. Malta is the safest place in Europe, having very low exposure to earthquakes, floods or rising sea levels and its society and infrastructure are well prepared to tackle such events should they come to pass. The country also boasts of close economic and cultural ties with neighbouring countries, north and south of the island.

Malta also boasts from economic, political and social stability. The more recent past, since independence in 1964, has seen the country develop its economy in an impressive way. Malta is becoming rapidly a regional hub for dynamic financial services, i-gaming and back-office services. It also enjoys excellent electronic communications and flight connections. Various sectors offer prolific investment opportunities such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, information communication technologies, agri-foods and precision engineering.

Let’s not forget that Malta possesses a growing professional class of highly trained, qualified, flexible and multilingual workforce. Maltese citizens own a good quality of education, leading to high productivity. The majority of the Maltese population is multilingual. It is fluent in Maltese, English and Italian, with the former two being both official languages. Some also have a good understanding of French, German, Arabic and other languages. Locals are also friendly, warm, lively and sometimes even noisy.

Leveraging all the above-mentioned aspects, it comes as no surprise that Malta is so fascinating and unique and many people from across the world wash up here. Surely an all-rounder destination.