Acquiring Property Leads

Running a successful real estate office is no easy task but could be very awarding. One of the hardest tasks is managing people. We are all different and have different expectations, different characters, different goals and different ideas of success. What motivates one person may be an others downfall so it is not always easy to keep everyone’s spirits high.

What I have found however, is that generally, when people are busy, they tend be happier, even if they are not necessarily closing deals. Good agents know that very often it is a numbers game, and the more clients, the more leads, the more listings and the more appointments you manage to fit into your routine, the much higher the chances of making a sale.lead-generation

So how does an office generate leads?

I don’t think I’m letting the cat out of the bag here, but nowadays a large percentage of leads come through online channels. No estate agency is without a website of their own, everyone is aware of the power of facebook and how important it is to divert traffic to your site. On an island where 95% of internet users check their social media everyday, you need to create presence as often as possible,

Another major important strategy, which i have found to generate quality leads is online portals. There are a number of overseas sites that offer a fantastic service. Locally there are also lots of places like Maltapark and others that do a fairly decent job.

A site that deserves particular mention, is the recently launched which is focused only on real estate. Many other similar local sites have tried to gather all the estate agents listings in one place, but propertymarket seems to be fast becoming the leading lead generator and the go to site for property- hunters.  If you haven’t listed your properties there yet, I suggest you do.

There are many other ways of generating good leads but I think I’ve given away enough of my secrets for now. On a final note, don’t forget that even though you may have hundreds of leads a day, you need to make sure they are good qualified leads to avoid wasting precious time…but that’s a whole different blog in itself!