Auction 37 – October 2018

smartchoicegifMalta Property Auctioneers has been progressively evolving to become the go to place to buy or sell property in Malta. In the catalogue for our October auction ( , you will realize that again the bulk of the properties are high-end real estate. 2 Luxury villas in Santa Maria Estate, 2 top seafront apartments as well as a guesthouse in Sliema and a Portomaso apartment to name a few.
One may ask, why do these luxury properties end up at auction? There are a number of reasons why properties are offered for sale in this way. Luxury inventory is sometimes a little harder to sell because the potential buyers pool is relatively smaller, however we have come up with marketing ways to expose these properties to a wider audience, therefor attracting the right bidders. Also, very often, sellers are confused by a wide variation of different valuations from different agents or architects, so the auction offers an opportunity to offer the property at a more realistic price and only if the demand is high will the price increase.
Bank repossessions, marriage disputes, family feuds and inheritance are also possible cases but most vendors are simply individuals seeking to sell their property at true market value and within a shorter time frame. These are the kinds of vendors Malta Property Auctioneers seeks out in order to offer its clients unique investment opportunities and a fair chance to cut a good deal.
If you are looking to sell a property quickly but still wish to achieve its maximum value within a stipulated timeframe, there really isn’t a better option for you. Pick up the phone, give us a call and one of our highly trained staff will guide you through the whole process. Together we will achieve promised results.
We take this opportunity to remind and invite you to our next upcoming auction, scheduled for 21st October at Palazzo Violetta